About us

Christmasland International Company Ltd. is a Hong Kong company created and formed by a team of lighting specialists and experts who are passionate in our field. We have over 15 years of experience, from manufacturing, marketing, client growth and sales. We are driven in producing and servicing to the highest level. Our pride and core is in delivering a quality product with excellent customer focus and client satisfaction.

"You may have seen and heard from us before with..." "Putting our feet into our Customers' shoes"... and this is sincerely true. A motto and inspirational goal. To be in a position where we also view ourselves to “be the client”! To understand, to be competitive, to be unique, to permit options and choices of products, the variety. This ensures that we are dedicated and care to the point of ensuring we deliver fully what the customer and market demands and requests. Our principle and substance is simple. Serve and treat the clients well, and deliver, as we stand to and emphasise. Grow and build on from our success.

This is important to us - Christmasland International Company Ltd believes it is also important to build and foster relationships. We take in feedback and suggestions seriously, face challenges, offer solutions, look for opportunities to optimise and enhance, allow mindset to be flexible in this ever demanding and changing landscape, moving with the times.

Our flagship products are Linear Lights which include LED rope lights, SMD Strip Lights, Neon Tubes. Other decorative lights include LED String Light and also Commercial Lights. Please browse further our web site to see more product details. Some of the designs are innovative, edgy, creative and eye catching.

Welcome aboard and we look forward to hearing from you soon!


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